Logistics is defined as the organization and the implementation of a complicated operation in a detailed manner. At Sri Balaji Impex, we have taken this one step further by streamlining the whole operation for faster and smoother delivery to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction is our Priority

Our motto at Sri Balaji Impex has always been to give priority to the satisfaction of our customers. We follow this motto even in our logistics services. That is why we always make sure that you get the products at the time you require them so that you can use them as per your requirements. We keep the logistics process as fluid possible so that timely delivery is always ensured.

Speed is of the Essence

The main products offered by us at Sri Balaji Impex are all consumables such as rice products. As such, they need to be delivered within a specified time period. This gives us an extra incentive to make sure that you get the products by the exact time that you want them. We have developed our logistics process to make use of the most efficient transportation systems and technologies to increase the speed of our deliveries.

What Does Our Logistics Services Comprise Of?

At Sri Balaji Impex, we given a lot of thought into our logistics process. As such, we have tried to increase its usefulness for our clients. You can now reap the benefits our logistics can provide you.

  • Transportation

We have a dedicated transportation system in place to ensure that the products reach their destinations as quickly. We certainly make use of the most efficient systems available to our disposal for the shipments. At the same time, we work with different transportation agencies and use whatever mode available so that there are no delays whatsoever.

  • Freight Management

Freight management helps us keep an eye on the movement of the freights towards their respective destinations. We monitor and track the shipments and various aspects of them. The data collected this way is used for improving our logistics further. It helps us make sure that your shipments do not stay idle unnecessarily.

  • Warehousing

Before being transported to your destination, the products need to be stored. This is where our warehousing system come in to use. Our warehouses feature state of the art technology. You should not worry about any damage occurring to your products. We take good care of them. Special steps are taken to safeguard the perishables and consumables.

We Always Strive To Be the Best

The world is constantly changing and we evolve along with it. As technology and transportation improves, we upgrade and modify our logistics systems. This allows us to meet the ever-changing demands of the dynamic markets of today’s results. Our logistics is regularly analyzed and steps are taken to find out ways by which it can be improved upon. As a result, you can rest assured that we will be taking all the steps necessary to keep providing our services at the highest possible quality.


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